Kremlin Kremlin


Kremlin Kremlin

these are all delicious


sure is a nice table you got there

be a shame if someone were to... GET MILK ALL OVER IT

plain blue jacket

I was visiting my gran at her old-age home and the nurse brought us some tea in one of these. I may as well have drunk it off the fucking tray.

Mein Eyes!

you guys aren't respecting the laws of liquid adhesion. tip enough to overwhelm the tea's tendency to stick to the side of the pot if not tilted enough. turn the pot completely upside down

where the fuck did you learn to pour

lol at the thought of some grandma-visiting goon ever so cautiously tipping a teapot and the tea running down the front of the pot oh no grandma!!


I only like a little bit of milk in my tea. Spill city. And I often do a little test pour of tea before the main event to see if it's sufficiently brewed. Lastly, you savage, I don't want to be pouring at full volume as I reach the top of the cup!

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