no they will not

Audio/visual unsynchronised: When Batman gives Superman a respectful thumbs-up after their climactic final fight, his glove moves a full three seconds after his hand

James Hardon

Trivia: About twenty minutes into the film, Superman utters the line, "After this I'm gonna need a vacation." From this point on he says variations of this phrase at ten minute intervals all the way through the post-credits sequence.


Continuity Errors: Despite having been established as invincible earlier in the film, Superman dies when shot in the chest with a pistol by Batman. This performance was ad-libbed by Ben Affleck when he murdered costar Henry Cavill live on camera.

no they will not

Revealing mistakes: When a frantic Lois Lane pleads with Batman to try and stop the out-of-control Superman, Batman tells her "not to worry", because he's got "one last tool in [his] utility belt". However, when he removes his hand from his utility belt after rummaging around, he is holding nothing and his middle finger is fully outstretched.

no they will not

Lois Lane: It was cool as hell to see superman flying around and beating up the bad guys but its a pity you always miss it clark.
Clark Kent: ok


Continuity Errors: The scene in which Batman looks directly at the camera to explain how Sucker Punch (2011) is not a sexist movie is replayed verbatim no less than three times throughout the film.

rubber cat

Trivia: Josh Brolin had to spend over four hours in the makeup chair each day in order to play the African-American superhero Green Lantern/John Stewart.

mick foley forever

Trivia: Though they are known as Batman and Superman, neither superhero directly states their preferred pronouns at all in the course of the movie, leaving their gender ambiguous.

James Hardon

Trivia: The scene where Batman attempts to use his Zojirushi brand rice cooker for the first time is shot in one continuous, unbroken take that lasts nearly 9 and a half minutes.

no they will not

Continuity Errors: When Batman tells Superman to wait for "the greatest thing anyone has ever seen", what follows is not the second season of 2009-2010 comedic slice-of-life anime K-On!.

Yad Rock

Plot holes: Harvey Dent's impassioned courtroom speech is actually Michael Richards' comedy club diatribe repeated word-for-word

Yad Rock

Crew or equipment malfunction: in the scene where the Joker gets away, the Batmobile loses a wheel.


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