dogcrash truther

this one is an advanced technique but it's pretty cool: pretend to be holding an automatic door open for people and then when they walk through yell "YOU'RE WELCOME!" at them

dogcrash truther

"good doggie!" (works best if you are opening the door for a dog, but maybe other applications?)

Philosopher King

"Say goodbye to the outside"

dogcrash truther

if you were in prison it would be pretty funny to hold open your cell door like you were doing a nice thing for your roomie and go "after you"


*politely open a stranger's front door for them*


it is cool to open the door for people like a celebrity would. sometimes i think to myself, how would frank zappa open this door? then i do it like he would. frank zappa was an example, of course. there are many different celebrities i can open the door as.


(knowingly) bong


"AaAAUUuuGH" [arm caught in revolving door]


this is as far as i can take you. you're on your own from here on out. you've been training your whole life for this. godspeed.


*blocks door while skimming through this thread on phone for the coolest thing to say*

To WetNightmare and the SA Goons *Sincerely, as though they'd opened the door for me* Thanks!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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