Something Awful devotes at least one Goldmine installment each January to readers who are looking to make positive changes and learn new skills, like going to the gym or becoming a badass. This year's SA Forums life-improvement project is one anyone can master: It involves opening the door for someone, and then saying a quip that makes the recipient of this courteous gesture think "ha damn, polite and clever? I hope everyone I encounter in 2015 is as impressive as that person!"


"bros before hoes"


*open a door a tiny portion of the way and make them force their body through *


"let the building eat you"


*looking up admiringly at the door, stroking it*

this door has a great opening-closing motion, sturdy without being too ridged, weighty, the smooth action of the hinges is sublime. you should try it some time asshole

dogcrash truther

"i'm not doing this for you. i'm doing this for me. heavy door." *flex bicep*


*grasping door as if all of my strength is needed to keep it open*

don't worry about me! just go!

*slowly allow the door to close if they hesitate*

can't...hold on...


make wooooOOOOooooo noises while you hold the door so they think they're walking into a haunted house

spooky girlfriend

"If you walk through this door we're best friends."

Then after they enter, walk next to them and say "I'm so excited, what should we do first?!"

dogcrash truther

*make the portal sound*


"You must gather your party before venturing forth"

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