Atma, the auteur behind Satan's Choose Your Own Adventure saga, crafted a sequel that focused on a family man named Bob who was guided by input from the creatively sadistic SA Goons! Now Atma's loosely related trilogy comes to a close with "Endtimes.exe," an epic tale that addresses his usual themes (revenge, violence, salvation) and features all the trademarks of his forums-assisted storytelling (character callbacks, religious iconography, graphic depiction of scatological functions)!



> "Go away, I've already heard the good news!"

Bloodfart McCoy

> SMELL old man.

Quidam Viator

> Approach man and greet him.


Stalins Moustache

> take both heads from the pole, stick your hands in them to use them as punching gloves,turn to the old man, stare him in the eyes "lets do this" and walk off into the sunset


Smarmy Coworker

> ruminate on human mortality

Swamp Fancy

> Tame a crow and use it to scout ahead


Yeah right, dummy. That's not plausible at all. Here's what we do instead:
> Capture crows. Use old man's beard to tie them up, causing old man to achieve flight. Order old man to scout the road ahead.

cock hero flux

> skin a corpse with your teeth



> take skin
> go to barn


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