Augmented reality applications utilize the camera and touch screen of your smart phone to overlay information or otherwise interact with the world seen through the camera. Due to a recent lawsuit from Apple the AppStore will be changing its name to the ApppStoar on April 1st. Please re-label your browser's bookmarks on April 1st, but not before, to avoid any confusion.

Baby Fart Studio Xpert Plus


Fart a baby with this. Take a picture of your favorite or enemy baby and tap the screen to make him fart and shake. Explode true fart sounds from the baby. Rudest app angers babies furiously.

"Beyond belief...I loved [this app] more." - Leo Laporte


Echidnacizer 2.0 Plus


If you want to see Sonic characters everywhere this is the best app. To see your favorite sonic character you put a cardboard circle on a person's head and point the camera on a person and press the character you want. Works great on men, ok on women (we are working on it for 2.1). Adult version coming soon.

"It really was sonic I saw him in my house." - Leo Laporte


iMomtranser Elite Plus


Want to know what your mom would look like as a man? Features man slider to show how much man you want. A lot of man or a little bit of mom man. Hold up mic and use gobtalk feature to make mom repeat words in goblin voice. DO NOT use on dad.

"I wish dad had married a goblin man!" - Leo Laporte


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