This image puts the 'junk' into CreativeJunkie!! Of course not, I'm just kidding, I love the picture. It's so great that I'm considering getting it done as a tattoo on every one of my limbs.

Is Vincent St.Claire suggestion that enemies swallowed by this character would be contained 'in the House'? Of course not, it's just a drawing, not the Mona Lisa.

After so many pop-culture references, I'm all out of energy. If you have an incredible urge to know what each image is based on, and you feel that my clues weren't ample enough, check out the thread on the Awful Forums by clicking here. It's also not too late to contribute yourself, if you feel you have artistic talents that the world must witness. Anyway, a big thanks as usual go to all the forums goons who helped out with drawings. I promise I will buy you all drinks from Starbucks the next time I am in town as a sign of gratitude. Will next week's Comedy Goldmine feature as many video game and television references as this edition? I can't make any promises; the only way to find out is to check back here next Tuesday. Join me or die one million shameful deaths.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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