Topkid: ACLU

Topkid: Junk Bonds

Topkid: Kofi Annan

Vanilla: Friendly Fire

velvetelvis: Iran Contra

velvetelvis: Israeli Incursion on the West Bank

velvetelvis: The Victim Suffered Burns on Over 90% of his Body

Verloc: Gun Control

Vitriol: Guerilla Operation

Ok guys, that's it. Painful but cathartic, as always. Personally, I won't be looking at headlines in quite the same way for at least an hour or two. Maybe even three, who knows? I do know that I will see all of your beatific faces back here next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel. In the mean time, stay out of trouble and remember my very good and helpful advice about the ease of living life on a mistake-by-mistake basis.

– Emily "Integral" Reigel

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