American Gothic Bots.

I would like to see Cavemanbot AKA Cavebot. It is, after all, important to understand the origins and evolution of all botkind. Bonus if you do Missing-link-bot.

Robots trying to be daft punk, trying to be robots.

Transcending-the-physical-plane bot again.

here's another I have been working on for a while (Since I went to Notre Dame in October...)

I decided to do the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Here's the first:

And then I decided what would the Grim Reaper look like.

This was one I did for IllustrationFriday when the theme for the week was "heavy".

I tell my students that "heavy" is a scientifically useless term. What may be heavy to one may not be to another. Something too heavy to lift for me is hamster farts for a construction site crane. And if you define an elephant as "heavy", how do you define an oceanliner, or a planet? In science you need to use numbers, or at least "greater than" or "less than". Merely saying "heavy" is unenlightening.

Hugbot 47 could never quite figure out why its services were never requested.

Cheerfully requesting Voodoobot, or a little teeny bot eye level with a transformers toy, just WTFing.

Productionbot 47 suffers a moment of ennui.

Overemotional Robot!

Next sport:
Big Game Hunting!

Lord Admiral Higanbotham, "The Great Silver Hunter", poses in his trophy room.

Swimbot questions the wisdom of constructing a swimbot completely out of stainless steel.

Here we see "The Last Recharge" as painted by Leonardo Botvinci. It was printed on the wall of the Religious Fembot Storage Facility in Milan, Robitaly.

Finally, my students promoted today (8th graders don't Graduate) so when they came in today I had their last robot picture.

– Chris "Petey" Peterson

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