Our passion is false
I am only doing you
for your Medicare

Oh what glorious
treasures await me beneath
your adult diaper

Oh Sam Waterston
Protect me from the robots!
They ate all my pills.

What is old glory?
It is robot insurance.
The metal ones come.

You gasp with passion
Your lips quiver. OOPS! Sorry.
Leaned on your air hose.


Alzheimer's disease
Makes sex very confusing
Who are you again?


droopy banana
geriatric jungle sex
kiss my bald monkey

grandpa is naked!
like a deflated balloon
quick blow him back up

dry cave needs some lube
shit that was the poligrip
a saggy tableaux

she was so saggy
look! some food under her breast!
a snack for later

spread those lumpy thighs
your cooch smells like limburger
sausage for the cheese

Lincoln`s Wax:

I need Vaseline
To navigate the folds of
Grandma's old pussy

Getting my dick sucked?
Flesh renders teeth obsolete
Gums unleash heaven.

Sweet titty fucking.
A tourniquet for my cock
Saggy breasts are best

Elderly anal
A century's old rectum
Got cancer? No lube.


Lacy panties down
Wrinkled tadger on the rise
Porn hits a new low.

Cancer of Colon!
My bowels are betumored
with your daily love.

My love grows for you
my heart swells, like edema
that slowly kills me.

Cerebal palsy
Your tremors make me so hard
Shake it baby, shake

Grandma threw her back
Now she can't walk or stand up
Oh so lucky me!


Big or small is of
no consequence now, you see...
I really can't tell.

Denture cream, Old Spice,
thoughts of our youth entice me.
Let's fuck like we're young!

Your dick went soft much
too soon. Not to despair! Your
cane will serve for you.

The feel of your soft
wrinkled skin makes me shiver.

Empty bladder, take
a Fleets. Prep for sex grows more
complicated now.

That's enough afternoon delight for you all, I think. That should be enough to get me some very lovely hate mail. I'll be back in the States next week, so look forward to something a little less horrifying. Oh boy! See you then!

– Nick "Mayor Wilkins" Dunn

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