Talking Shop with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: moof i think we should talk shop
Moof: ok
Moof: lets talk shop
Moof: or shoppe
Livestock: okay let's start
Moof: let us go
Livestock: you start
Moof: i am thinking you go ahead and start
Livestock: well i am eating a hot dog and don't want to delay you, so please start
Moof: okay i will start
Moof: what did you want to address first
Livestock: whatever you want
Moof: okay lets discuss the obvious topic first
Moof: rather than dancing around it
Livestock: yes i agree
Moof: maybe we should collect our thoughts separately and then come together later
Livestock: well i mean why don't you start with the obvious topic first
Moof: i don't even know if it is worth discussing
Moof: we both know what must be done
Livestock: what is that
Moof: it seems silly to even waste time on it
Moof: hmm you don't agree?
Moof: please tell me why
Livestock: no not really
Livestock: it just seems there is some ambiguity, you know
Moof: i don't see any ambiguity
Moof: it seems completely clear to me especially after the event
Livestock: well moof maybe you are afraid to address the issue
Moof: no i am not afraid at all that is why i believe it is not even worth discussing
Moof: if you want to discuss it then that is fine
Livestock: well lets discuss it
Moof: go ahead
Livestock: argh!!!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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