One of two photos I've taken in daylight. Winds were high this day, and the tower was swinging back and forth and hooking in a bit of vertigo. I could watch each gust of wind sweeping across the forests to the north, bending them like a wave hitting breakers until it swept up the hill, over the bluff and buffeted the tower.

Second daylight photo. Taken just after dawn. Something, somewhere, went wrong with this tower. A lot of the towers do weird things, but it tends to be more vibration or grounding issues. This one is different, it screams when the vibration gets high enough but you can only "hear" it on the tower. I haven't super tested it, but I think touching it does something a little queer to your bones. There were also dead birds on this tower.

I wasn't going to climb this one, but I did because someone had come before me and snipped the barbed wire around the base (visible in the image). I mention this because I NEVER did this. In fact, I never, not once, cut, bent, or did anything to the tower defences (on the tower or fences around them), I just simply climbed gingerly over them.

Hope you enjoyed those! I can answer any questions.

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