Hey, remember when the funny things on twitter used to be fake sexts and talking about "the void"? Well, this article is a combination of those two things. Enjoy reading it or don't - I've already clicked publish!


i'm laying bare. i spread my legs to reveal an unfathomable darkness, infinite in it's reach. it calls ur name ; )

Barking Gecko

The non-Euclidean geometry of our coupling is corroding my sanity.

little munchkin

can't stop thinking about last night, it keeps playing in my head faster and faster and my body is slowly melting as the speed approaches infinity

City of Glompton

i want 2 feel ur hands wrap around and around and around my waist as you pull urself thru me


i slowly remove layer after layer of clothes until there is nothing left

Twenty Four

"Tell me what you are wearing" I ask, despite already being able to make out what you are wearing through your window with my telescope.


"i just want to cum" said the astronaut.
"so cum" said ground control.
‘‘so cum’’ said the voice from the stars.

City of Glompton

laying next 2 u in bed n I hear u saucily calling my name from the living room. don't worry im already there


an endless gaping asshole—i walk inside

death sext

Eugene V. Dabs

me: ayyy gurl
you: *curling around and through yourself like an incorporeal, plasmodic model of a klein bottle*
me: fuckable

Twenty Four

Hey baby, I want to make all your dreams come true! Especially the nightmares. Especially the nightmares!


her: is it in yet?

me: *losing my erection to the heat death of the universe* this never happens

Eugene V. Dabs

bae: u up?
me: ya, wuwu?
bae: just chilling. parents away, come over?
me: it's kinda late.
bae: i'm rapidly expanding and absorbing all light in the universe.
me: omw.


b: ey gurl come over and let me fhtagn u?
g: lulz u no it. im normally not that kind of grl, but i feel an abnormal call drawing me to ur cyclopean body
b: u got me gibbering gurl
g: mmmmm ok headed ur way now via dream state. ill phase into ur dimension in like 15 min


Countless strange aeons/Unfathomable/Innsmouth


the global consciousness: come over

me: i havent transcended

the global consciousness: the ancient ones arent home


– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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