Anatomy of a blockbuster

A lot of you reading this probably think we at the SA Forums are a bunch of no-life smartasses who do nothing but make fun of people on the Internet all day. Well, you're partially right, but we do other things, too. For instance, we make summer blockbuster movies.

Take, for instance, forums user "Atomo." Atomo had a vision. A vision to create a movie. A vision to create a movie about one silly baby. Well, his dream is being realized beautifully and he has allowed me to show you readers some production stills from his upcoming masterpiece, "SILLY BABY."

Please ignore the lack of punctuation. These are rough production notes meant to show the power and depth of "SILLY BABY."

First off, a production poster from the company manking "SILLY BABY."

"SILLY BABY" is delightfully hard-hitting to children

"SILLY BABY" uses a trampoline can it get him above the law?

watch out "SILLY BABY" the boys in blue will pepper your steak

"indubitably" says BRAINY, the baby who overcomes

sleep brainy sleep forever

go see "SILLY BABY"

Movie Reviews

After watching "Hunting Humans" I didn't know if I had it in me to keep it up with the movie reviews, but Lowtax is forcing me to watch "Intercessor: Another Rock and Roll Nightmare," a movie so bad even he could only watch 25 minutes of it.

I'm probably going to be filing worker's comp (assuming "brain damage from horrible movie" is a valid complaint) for a while after this week but, as usual, email your suggestions to me and I will try my hardest to review them!

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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