Zack: Okay, now here we go. This is the sort of epic level bullshit I love. When a lich just isn't powerful enough and terrible enough, let's come up with a super evil lich.

Zack: He's a million years old and he's so evil all that is left is a sinister gem face and a shadow. And, uh, he screams all the time. And he can turn into a bat, but it's not a regular bat, it's a bat made out of smoke, that is a million billion years older than time itself. Which he isn't even from, because he's from outside of space. Roll 100,000 hit dice.

Steve: Aw, come on, he looks cool. Look at that burning castle.

Zack: You need to recalibrate your cool detector. It looks like somebody wrapped a warlock cape around a Tiki cup from an Oahu beach bar.

Steve: I wouldn't mess with this guy. He looks like he would give you a wicked curse of ancient evil.

Zack: The creature resembles a joke from an idiot. It sort of has a face made by a child out of rocks. It screams at you like a dark puppet and starts flying around with all its hit dice. You feel an ominous sense of fear as it manifests its evilness in your direction. Cold chills go up and down your spine as you realize it is coming towards you with its cape.

Steve: His name is Nimrod.

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