Zack: The next day as you are traveling towards the foreboding mountains you encounter a trader and his ox-drawn wagon along the road.

Steve: Well met, yon traveler, it is good to see an honest face of a person. I am Yngwulf Maimsteen, and I have just come from the greatest concert of all history, where from do you hail?

Zack: "I am Lamdomon," answers the trader, "I am a simple tinker and trader. I travel the lands fixing broken things. This is my daughter, Zappora."

Steve: Is she hot?

Zack: Not really.

Steve: Well, okay, scale of one to ten, because I've been sleeping outside and playing concerts for skeletons, so my standards are probably a little relaxed.

Zack: She's maybe a Sigil 4, but a Gulluvia 7.

Steve: Well hello there fair damsel, it is good to meet one so fine and beautiful such as yourself. Also to meet you, Lamdo. I am an extremely wealthy traveling musician. Maybe the most famous of all.

Zack: They haven't heard of you.

Steve: Do they have anything to trade?

Zack: "Alas I have only some pots and pans and whatever gossip I have picked up in my travels, but I provide that free of charge."

Steve: Fiiiiiine. I ask him about the Silver Princess.

Zack: "Oh most beautiful lady of antiquity, she was said to possess a ruby as large as an ox's bollock. Her palace is only right over the mountain there."

Steve: Okay, these people are lame and I'm not buying a pot. I'm going to travel up the mountain and go to the palace.

Zack: They bid you farewell and you set off up into the foreboding mountains in search of the entrance of the Palace of the Silver Princess. After an exhausting journey you reach the top of the mountain and spy the ruin palace in the valley below.

Steve: Alright, I strap my axe onto my back and head for the entrance.

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