Steve: Base of Operations: Known Space. How fricking cool is that? I'm going to use that from now on.

Steve: "Where are you from?" "Known Space."

Zack: I tried to program that as my home address on my car's GPS and I ended up in the ball room at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Steve: Galactus seems to go through a lot of Heralds. There was this guy and Silver Surfer and that other guy.

Zack: There were a bunch of them, including Terrax the Tamer, who ran away from Galactus and ended up getting defeated by Dazzler. Getting your ass kicked by Dazzler is like the time the Detroit Tigers played the Michigan Little League champions and lost five to zip.

Steve: Did that really happen?

Zack: Yes, on Earth-295.

Steve: Sorry, if it's not 616 or the reality with zombie Spider-Man it doesn't count.

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