Zack: Mandy Patinkin and David Crosby are the hottest DJs in the zombie rave underground.

Dr. Thorpe: Oh god, the U.S. Capitol Building is beaming instructions to a fat prog rock band!

Zack: This is probably a concert poster and not a movie poster at all. Come hear 432 spin the hottest tracks in Bangalore. They will make you feel the excitement with their trance beats.

Dr. Thorpe: "Beat up your girlfriend and come on down!"

Zack: "A strict white-scarf dress code will be observed." Another possibility is that those guys are salesmen for a music store. This could be a newspaper insert ad for that. "Come on down to Crazy Sanjay and Crazier Devanands turntable blowout! The spirit of democracy compels our prices lower BEYOND BELIEF!"

Dr. Thorpe: Whatever it is, it's really tedious. I don't think showing faces of bored, frustrated people is the best way to advertise, unless you're selling jeans.

Zack: I think it's sort of refreshing in a way. Usually you see people nearly orgasmic with joy over things like lower insurance rates or the latest portable game console. These people are positively morose over "432."

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