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Hoagy Calhoun call me old fashioned, but I think lassos were just as good back in my youth without all these newfangled bells and whistles
15 minutes ago. 5 Comments
Tallahassee Parcy Hoagy, it's fussy old luddites like you that give all us old-timers a bad name. But I'll be god-danged if I don't agree with you.
Cowboy Charlie You fellas just don't understand. Don't see how I ever got by without my SmartLasso.
Tallahassee Parcy SmartLasso is nothing but horse-shit. Surprised those slick salesmen at the Pinnacle Lasso Company booth took you in, Charlie.
Hoppy fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Rutherford Griffith great contribution, hoppy
Bad James Randall as a victim of a diamondback myself, I found Doc Beauzerau's contribution to the panel on snakebite medicine fairly lackluster
1 hour ago. 5 Comments
Doc Beauzerau fuck you BJR
Bronco Bob boy howdy, doc, all that demonstratory snakebite sucking left some venom on your tongue
Doc Beauzerau lol bob. no BRJ is just mad because he lost his manhood on account of nerve damage from that bite and now he cant please his wife.
Blackboots McCoy you're the meanest cuss I ever seen, Beauzerau, but I'll be damned if you don't make me laugh to wake the devil
Bad James Randall you'll die bloody, doc. Might not be me who does it, but you'll die bloody.
Yodelin' Red Packiewicz why'd they schedule me at the same time as the pinnacle keynote? Not a single solitary soul showed up for my yodelin' demonstration.
1 hour ago. 0 Comments
Father Gerald the LORD is the only technology a man needs, and I am the LORD's "SmartLasso!" Repent!
2 hours ago. 1 Comment
Slimy Morgan I ain't got nothin but the sincerest respect for you, Father, but can't you for once in your life just shut up about the lord
John Red Eagle believes that the vaunted "geotracking" feature of the Pinnacle SmartLasso is no match for the tracking ability of my people.
2 hours ago. 1 Comment
Gray Clay Bailey don't I recall you losing your own moccasin and hollerin up and down town about it for two hours fore you recollected that you'd been holdin it in your own hand the whole time?
Tiny Madison became a fan of the Pinnacle Lasso Company
3 hours ago. 4 Comments
Tiny Madison woo!!! just got a SmartLasso!! Pretty danged expensive and a lot of waiting in line, but it was worth it!!!
Wenatchee Kid congrats tiny! can I borrow it?
Tiny Madison no way
Vaquero Esquerra pinnacle lassos suck and y'all suck
--Vaquero Esquerra
Tall James McGinley is now listed as lonesome.
2 hours ago. 1 Comment
Doc Beazarau cry me a fucking river mcginley
Rapid City Russ y'all get a gander at the whores over at the Stetson booth? My lips hurt from whistlin!
4 hours ago. 4 Comments
Tex Crawford those ain't whores you idiot, those are booth babes
Mad Bill Boothe keep my goddamn name out of your dirty mouth, Tex Crawford
Vaquero Esquerra look how dumb u are Mad Bill
Mad Bill Boothe my sincere apologies, Tex, it appears as though I misread your comment and in my pique responded hurtfully
Prospectin' Doyle can't believe I sat through the whole pinnacle lassos keynote. Big Hank Jobs is nothing but a rotten snake-oil salesman.
4 hours ago. 1 Comment
Duke snake-oil or not, sure would love to get my hands on one of them smartlassos...
Cincinnati Pete only two minutes till the pinnacle lassos keynote starts! gonna live-rustle this thing
4 hours ago. 5 Comments
Cincinnati Pete Big Hank Jobs just took the stage!
Cincinnati Pete Big Hank Jobs is lookin positively robust despite the recent snakebite
Cincinnati Pete this is the big one, folks! Big Hank Jobs just announced the smartlasso!
Cincinnati Pete smartlasso features announced: autospin, geotracking, three customizable bronco modes
Cincinnati Pete price announced for smartlasso: forty goddamn dollars!!! that's more'n my horse cost!!!
Chicago Bill just wanted to let y'all know i'm alive................
4 hours ago. 8 Comments
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt ITS A GOD DAMN MIRRICLE
Sheriff Woolbridge I saw you hang, Chicago Bill. There ain't no way.
Mad Bill Boothe I smell the distinct aroma of bullshit.
Wild Ron what in tarnation? bill, if this is true, meet me out at the old hidin spot
Vaquero Esquerra lol is that you beauzerau
Doc Beauzerau hahaha you caught me esquerra. I found bill's password with some of his personal shit when he died.
Wild Ron I swear to Christ I'm gonna shoot you dead, Beauzerau
Doc Beauzerau lol
Sooty Stan god damn it!!! tell me if I miss anything!!!
5 hours ago. 0 Comments
Sooty Stan at the convention center now... can't find a goddamn place to tie my horse
5 hours ago. 0 Comments
Buford Bronson Anybody got a spare horse could get me to the Pinnacle convention? I'd be much obliged. Lost mine in a horse fire.
9 hours ago. 0 Comments

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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