7. Muslims? Muslims?! MUSLIMSSSS?!!!!!

Ohhhhh boy. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Here we go again. SOmebody somewhere wants to open a mosque. Show some respect muslims. Where were you the last time muslims did something in the news? Why didn't you call the news station and tell them to come to your house and interview you so that you could say I love america and renounce all muslim misdeeds? Why don't you put cape over your wife, hajji? We respect big titty women in this country.


obecjtify much? way to make women feel unwelcome in gaming by portraying a ninja with huge bouncing hooters. You should be literally shakeing with anger right now. maybe in the next call of duty you can go to a space station and take away a woman's right TO FUCKING VOTE. Enter dog mode and destroy a woman's contraceptive options. Hetero romance achievements are the new arranged marriage. Wait until you find out what hte trolls from the internet wrote on this one youtube video about ms. pacman

9. Fucking Obama Said a Thing

ARe you KIDDING ME??? THis fucking guy. I can"T EVEN FUCKING BELIVE THIS? WAKE UP AMERICA!!! WAKE UP! He has lost it. OPEN YOUR EYES. You are being SCROOGLED. HE OPENS HIS MOUTH AND HEAR THE LIES. Maybe it's because he has a harpy wife that makes him eat LETTTUCE!! LET US eat what we watn hag! ACCURSED HARRIDAN! Puppet of SOROS. AAAAARRR ENOUGH LIES TO CHOKE SATAN! I liked him better when he was playing golf.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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