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For the discerning nerd or those with way too much money.

Vista SP1 RC goes public - Come. Come and see how the first SP1 will go with Vista. I know Vista takes a pounding like DocEvil on hamburgers, but this could help those few people out there.

The Cisco Short Questions Thread v12.4.9(WTF)- You got your windows and linux server threads, why not a damn big Cisco thread for small questions.

~*~ Helldump 2000 ~*~
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The Helldump is cage matches for nerds. If you've got something to get off your chest that isn't burger crumbs, this is the forum for you!

describe girls Sugar, spice and everything nice. Wait, these are goons describing girls so instead it is a bunch of stuck up VAPID CUNTS WHO WON'T EVER DATE YOU! EVER! HOPE YOU GET RAPED!

Tuesdays with Bernie, a Discussion. BernieLomax is crazy. How crazy is he? Whelp, he was originally permabanned for being an unrepentant shill for the Steorn company, who claim to have invented a perpetual motion machine. He don't know nothing about nothing. He dumb as hell.

Hypothesis: All posters with penguin in their username are terrible. Three Red Lights posits that all posters with penguin in their name are horrible, horrible posters. Let's take a trip with him to find out if this is true.
"One of the main issues of feminism for the last forty years:
Men try to get women to keep their clothes on in public while women desperately try to take them off to achieve equality.
I don't think burning your bras is getting you anywhere ladies, let's be sensible please.
Edit: Or wearing men's clothes. Why is the clothing always such an issue?" Ok, that's pretty bad but lets see if other ones are worse.
"i've worked as a prostitute largely to support my massive iv meth habit, so there's no end to my fucked up stories. i'm finally taking a break and giving the whole recovery thing a shot after my last psychotic episode though." Uh huh.
"Jews are pretty good liars most of the time, but they tell so many lies they are bound to trip themselves up sometimes. Their exaggerations, half-truths, and outright inventions about the so- called "Holocaust," easily the most lied-about topic ever, are a good example." Well I think that was proved.

I'm not banning someone in helldump for NWS stuff Ozma wants people to stop reporting Deek for posting dicks. Hey, you can post all the NWS stuff you want in Helldump jackasses!


– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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