Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse. Not all anime is about tentacles and rape. Some of it is about pedophilia too! Of course I'm joking. Nobody has made such a joke before! Ever! Fishmech brings us the lowdown on this so-called "animation."

Paint your favourite anime cliché - ADTRW learns how to draw things instead of just posting screenshots!

Anyone have Otakukin encounters? - What are Otakukin? They are people who believe they are reincarnations of anime characters! And they're always a source of good jokes after you meet them.

Batman's Secret Shame - Comic books are about men running around in spandex. So is my autobiography. Muscles Like This likes forums like this.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Your Favorite Moments. On March 7th America's most patriotic hero Captain America passed away from the fatal disease "shot three times in the gut." BSS remembers this fine American patriot. Wait, didn't he lose the Civil War? He SUCKS!

What the fuck is DC doing lately? Rargh! BSS HATE DC. Well, more precisely a certain group of posters has taken great umbrage over DC (and more directly its EiC Dan Didio) treatment of writers and artists. Me? Man, I don't care about that jive.

Captain America is Dead Another Captain America related thread! Yay! The twist is that we are pretending to be regular people living in the Marvel Universe reacting to recent events.

Funny Panel Thread: The Absolute Edition Where's Luke Cage's money, honey? Why in the hands of DOOM himself! Some good old classic panels return as well as some new greats.

The TV IV. Do you like shows? On TELEVISION? If so, this is the forum for you! Aatrek watches TV too!

Star Trek: "'alt.startrek.erotica' is something no one should see." - Aatrek rubs horrible fan fiction and fan art in our faces. Make sure you wear goggles before entering.

Peyton Manning hosts 'Saturday Night Live': Everyone's favorite Laser Rocket Arm hosts the live comedy show. A SAS / TV IV crossover event.

Andy Barker, P.I.: Andy Richter's new comedy is a TV IV hit - DivisonPost's thread is gold, and so is this show.

Raines: Jeff Goldblum is a TV Detective: A little bit 'Ghost Whisperer,' a little bit 'Monk' - this midseason replacement is a little bit awesome.

The Sopranos: "Soprano Home Movies": Ishamael brings us the big Sopranos-final-season anticipation thread, complete with an awesome opening post.

FYAD is pink. FYAD superstar Gobbles has tattooed the following information on his arm:

cait sith i found u a nice gf : ) - After reading about Cait Sith I kinda want to read ADTRW.

You post on the same message board as this guy - When you turn 21 don't forget to document it for the internet in the cutesyest way possible or else you'll get made fun of.

post your fyaddest pictures - A collection of pictures that aren't seen too often.

about 75% of current fyad posters are probably really boring people - FYAD defends itself, from itself.

No Music Discussion. This used to be the file forum where people traded illegal mp3s and whatnot. Then I decided I probably didn't want to get arrested, so I changed it. Now people just discuss their illegal mp3s. Ha ha, just kidding. Sometimes they're in .ogg format. Ask Sir Tonk if you don't believe me.

Music Phase - Orange Pilot started talking about his jazzy train rides and we're now associating periods of our lives with genres.

Synthesizers! - jwcelement likes synths and apparently so does everyone else in NMD. Come explain why your favorite synth is the best.

Let's Describe Bands Obtusely, Part 3! - Go get your thesaurus cause it's time to describe bands obtusely. kirkjames is our host this time around and it's already six pages deep.

Judge other's personalities based on thier top 5 songs (AGAIN!) - Silence Kit brings it back and just get up in it. No explanation needed, it's in the title.

Do You Dance? - kaitos is asking for trouble and apparently there is going to be a dancing subforum? Wait, that's probably not true.

Massive Attack -- Weather Underground -- April 7th - Massive Attack has another album coming out and SuperCaptainJ is excited. I'm excited too, they're a good group.

Sons/Daughters of Famous Musicians - Jonny_Rocket found out that John Lennon had a son before being assassinated by the CIA. What other musicians had kids that they know about?

[USA] ISIS w/ Jesu, Torche and... ...Zozobra?!? - The Red Dragon has all the info you need concerning Isis' current tour. It's halfway over, so too bad if you weren't watching the Concert Calendar earlier.

Post names you've thought of for a band. - Musician's Lounge has a list of band names for you courtesy of DementedMax.
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