~*~ FYAD ~*~
Reppin': rubber cat

if you aren't unbuttoning your fly before you even open the bathroom door y - buncha grown men talkin bout bathroom habits and sharin poop stories... THIS IS FYAD *throws phone down a hole*

getting raped is probably pretty cool - *record scratch* say what???

here's a poem i wrote about CATS - haha yeah fyad still quotes all your base come back in about five years when they discover rickrolling and chuck norris facts

i got the most interesting thing in the mail today. - Man commissions painting of another man stretching his anus, artist forgets to include the fucking ring!!! "idiot!!" says napoleon dynamite

lol nobody is for leaving afghanistan - hard-hitting political commentary from the goatse forum??? you gotta see it to believe it!!! (unlike god heh) (im athiest)

*old man starts makin out with dog to the tune of Lets Get It On* - several bigtime movie execs lurk fyad in search of the next big thing... could YOUR fyad post become the next "superburger"?? join the sa forums and find out

post here if you're mediocre in bed [redux] - computer... what is love?

~*~ Games ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Onslaught

Those cheat codes that were in fact urban legends - It was hard for a child dialing up the local BBS on Arpanet to realize which codes weren't real, so I fell for Sonic and Tails being in Smash Bros. Melee pretty hard.

Horrible video games you played when you were younger - Bart and the Space Mutants probably has the most overall hours of playtime as far as shitty games go.

Donating two months of my time to create a Something Awful 360 game - HEH, CALL IT ZYBOURNE CL-

I'm a lot better with a camera, but I'll give it a shot! It's Dead Rising! - Still the best 360 exclusive game out there.

how did the pokemon trainer cut down the forest? - Probably by teaching the HM move "Slash" and using it repeatedly??

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