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Reppin': OKCecil

2009 NFL Draft - McGee wins the Heisman for Jesus - A new draft thread for a new month (and also because TFF posters are unable to not shit up threads after a while). There are some people who actually do their homework and have good opinions on players, so if you have questions, jump in and ask!

NCAA Spring: Bobby Bowden hopeful for win stimulus package - In which people complain for 5 months until college football starts again. Topics of choice include jorts, barbecue, recruiting violations and other wonderful things.

Lurkers and Baseball Newbies: Get Your Questions Answered Here! - Hi there, first time poster, long time lurker. I've always wondered, what exactly is this "VORP" doodad you guys keep talking about? Is this some sort of dried trail mix snack?

Your stadium's current traditions. - I'm not much of a soccer (FOOTBALL) fan, but watching the video on page one of the Liverpool crowd singing You'll Never Walk Alone en masse is just pretty damn cool.

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Reppin': Mr. Wiggles

It's burger time!
- Mayo or no mayo? Choose you side!

Enchiladas: Its all about the sauce... ok the beef is important too
- But what if you use chicken? Or pr0k? Hmmmmmmm.................???????????????

Playing God: The mock-meat thread
- Not quite what it sounds like, but good evidence that we are quickly becoming Goons With Seitan.

Holy shit, pork belly!
- Oh, nope, nevermind. This is apparently still a non-halal forum.

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Reppin': Miso Beno

Busting Myths: The Chauchat [EFFORT] - Often viewed as a pariah of World War One firearms due to legitimate complaints being blown way out of proportion. The ChauChat was actually a well designed weapon that was well received by both American and French forces and saw a very significant amount of combat on the Western Front. Pointless Adornment tries to drive this point home with well organized and clearly defined thoughts that belong on a proper firearms website instead of a backwater firearms community based on a comedy message board.

Auto-safetys are fucking stupid. - Are you tired of your shot gun's silly automatic safety features? Why not become a danger to those around you and disable them using this handy guide!

Trigger terminology (help me understand) - Not Nipsy Russell has never fired a gun in his life and wanted to know what the difference between a "creepy" trigger and a "crisp" break were.

Dry Martinis: shopping a military bazaar in Afghanistan - Who needs modern 'precision' machinery when you can have a 12 year old boy build you a complete repeating rifle from a cast block of steel? Gun control advocates, eat your hearts out.

The TFR Recovered Bullet Thread - With ammunition prices soaring many members of the firearms community have experimented with ways to recover bullets from their victims in an attempt to save money during this time of economic unrest.

Tell me where to buy good body armor on short notice - According to the Internet and the anarchist's handbook wet phone books are just as good as modern IIIA body armor at stopping high caliber rifle cartridges.

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