Batman's Shameful Secret is our forum all about comic books and "graphic novels" (which is just a fancy way of saying "comic books for people who think they're smart"). What up with it, muscles like this?

Manga for BSS Japanese comic books? Why they aren't about superheroes! They aren't about superheroes at all! What could we possibly be talking about?

Costumes that are NEVER cool The good, the bad and the ugly. Costume talk goes HERE. Also, fan favorite ChickenSuit does some redesigns of classic heroes.

Webcomics Megathread 12: All Goons Have One, Not All Goons Have Good Ones Pushing the limit of how long a thread title can be. A brand new webcomic discussion thread for a brand new day.

The Achewood Thread 10: Rude Titties and Rad Chillies. This thread starts out pretty normal, just a regular discussion of the webcomic Achewood. Recently however the creator of the comic Chris Onstad was given a forums account and posted. Oh, how he posted! There was much rejoicing as well as some creepy damn questions sent his way.

me how spiderman would be able to swing around like he does Spider-Man, Spider-Man, something something Spider-Man. Uh something about bub and radioactive blood? Alright, so I don't know the song. However this guy doesn't know how Spidey goes about his webslinging ways. Lets all teach him, shall we?

FYAD is pink and has less rules than the rest of the forums, and that's pretty much all there is to say about it that won't get me made fun of later. gobbles worked really hard putting this summary together.

Basically, I think of myself as a character in an RPG - This high level fakeposter brings us straight into the world of RPGs.

[poll][girls][girls only] whats the weirdst thing u evar put in ur pussay? - The girls of FYAD have more to share than you'd like to know.

itt your going on a hot date but you only know gbs photoshop compliments - GBS sucks with women. FYAD is constantly getting laid.

No Music Discussion. Don't discuss music here, ever, for any reason. If you attempt to discuss music, you are subject to the fury of thousands of angry nerd fingers lashing their keyboards at lightning speed to disagree with you. DON'T DO IT, I BEG OF YOU!! But first, pour a 40 for Sir Tonk.

Nirvana (the 90s one) - eclipse9 would like to finally have a discussion about Nirvana without all the hate. Two pages in and we're doing pre...wait, looks like a troll has entered the thread.

The opposite of bands' names - Ska'd For Life forgot that today is not oposite day.

Most Relaxing Electronica Influenced Songs - Smiggles would like to relax with some electronic music, do you have a fa... goddammit lewisje, get your Fishmech Gas Chamber crap out of my thread!

Name some covers of songs that you like more than the originals and why - Atomic Monkey thinks Megadeth is better than Nancy Sinatra. All the juicy details inside.

Marilyn Manson - "Eat Me, Drink Me" - Reznor has a new album coming out, so why not a Manson record to compliment it? Macrame_God starts it off with what is actually a very informative post. SLAYER!

How close-minded are you about music? - Big Kahunaburger is a dick. He is currently in the denial phase and there are no signs of any sort of progression so far.

Do people really buy this stuff? - Big Wreck's new Gibson guitar has a helpful digital clock on the side.

[World Tour] Daft Punk - Curt Larry has your nine-date Daft Punk world tour info.

[Rapcism!] watermelons - "It's pretty racist. The whole concept pretty much is, but seriously, I don't have any problem with black people."

Science, Philosophy & Education is where the smarty-farty-bo-barty cool kids like to post and think that they're so smart. Well, I've got news for them: They're not! Booya! QuantumCat's been kickin' it in there and holding it up for us.

Subjectivity vs objectivity-- ie, what is 'beauty' - A philosophical conversation about the nature of beauty.

The Arabic + Farsi Thread - Continuing the tour of SPE language threads : this week, focus on the Arabic and Farsi thread, brought to you by AlexHat.

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