The Crackhead Clubhouse is the only part of our site that has actually burned down. brb buddy put his purple drank down to type something for us:

Help Make Pipe Cleaning Threads History in 2007! - The Partnership for a Pipe Cleaning Thread-free TCC created this here thread as a repository for methods to clean glass pieces. I sure wish my friends knew this stuff!

Ephedrine/Codeine Pills, Help Please!! - WHAT?!? Ephedrine/Codeine pills??? Yes folks, apparently the newest drug to hit the recreational scene is a 50/50 combination of ephedrine and a codeine. It's been called a "Pharmaspeedball" because it's essentially a stimulant combined with a depressant. It should be fun, and the thread has some very interesting experience reports.

Activities to do whilst tripping balls. - Tired of fractals, dancing polka dot elephants and the entire world breaking down in front of your very eyes while you're tripping? Doesn't quite..."suit" your tastes? So are these faggots. But seriously, there's tons of great activities to indulge in whilst tripping, including music and movie recommendations. Trippy!

BYOB is all about posting in an blue forum and being buds with everyone. It's basically the Brady Bunch except everyone is Peter Brady and greasy. Planimal shows us what's happening:

this is the worst lobbyist group since NAMBLA - The NAAFA is the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. Yep.

bjorks new album cover is pretty fuckin hot
- A petition to change the BYOB banner to Bjork's album cover results in some hilarious photoshops and drawings of the insane Icelandic singer.

how is babby formed - Probably the greatest image of a baby and a dog you're ever going to see.

Man i sure do want a TL;DR camera - Imagine the greatest camera in the world. Okay, now imagine the shittiest camera in the world. That's this thread.

Hathor the Cow Goddess! - An online comic that promotes the joys of breastfeeding, babies, and pooping a child out of your disgusting vagina half in and half out of a feces filled shallow kid's pool, right in your living room as your balding, effeminate husband films the magical process with his video camera. Congratulations, you're a bitch.

"keep it real" is on aim - A few weeks back, Lowtax asked posters in GBS to make fake videos talking about how he's the anti-christ. Infamous banned poster Keep It Real thought one of the videos was legit, and congratulated a BYOB poster over AIM for a job well done. Read the whole thing, it's worth it.

check out muh band - Meatallica, FATT, Dragonwurst, Slather, etc. A very fat and ugly band.

Spousal abuse can effect all of us : PhotoStory.

Hell Yeah has been bought
- haha this emoticon looks like a tiny pair of balls

bwee bwee bwee "bwee" bwee bwee bwee "bwee bwee" - bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee bwee

"I'm a pretty big horse down at The Book Barn." is something you might hear out of the mouth of Frank Rizzo!.

All sequels fucking suck. - If you don't think so, well, read Lost World. Anyways, here's a thread where people discuss shitty sequels. Enjoy, you shitty sequel lover.

Recommend Vampire and Werewolf books - A closet blood-sucking freak wants to know what type of books sate his desire for human life.

Recommend Me Some High Fantasy - Get way too high and recommend this guy some fantasy, you useless waste of flesh.

Essential Philosophy Reading - Yeah, go on and read this thread so you can act as elitist as your shit-eating Philosophy major friends. Then, go ahead and make fun of the fact that they won't be able to afford a burger at your local Applebee's anytime within the next 30 years.

I ate the biggest chunk of ham I've ever seen today and I still feel bloated and sloth-like 6 hours later. That probably wouldn't have happened if I had cooked up something I found in Goons With Spoons. (It'd be worse.) See you at tha crossroads, kiteless.

Why yes, that IS a cucumber in my pocket! - Mr. Wiggles runs away with the title in this latest ICSA battle! Come for the uncomfortable sexual innuendos! Stay for the delicious food, including spicy cucumber kimchee and chocolate cucumber cake!

In a bit of a pickle!- Kiss Me You Fool comes in second place for ICSA and makes, like, five billion different kinds of homemade pickles.

The SA-Mart is filled with goons looking to buy and sell things of all shapes and sizes. The next time you hear someone say the SA forums are filled with ruthless vagabonds, you can tell them it's technically true! bEatmstrJ is vagabond royalty.

Lighters That Can Melt Pennies (OMG)& Knives Sharp Enough To Kill Chickens - Knives! Lighters! Knivers with lights! Guns with lighters! The only thing this guy doesnt have is lighters you can stab people with.

What Is Irony? This Kurt Cobain/Che Guevara T-Shirt - If Kurt knew this was being sold he would probably shoot himself!

Super compact FedEx Tyvek Wallet - And if you lose it, the finder wont even need an envelope to send it back to you.

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