Once you've mastered the art of making your pets not die, you may want to move onto more advanced techniques such as making them not crap all over the place. The pet freaks in Pet Island are always around to help with that kind of unattainable voodoo. Po' it up, light_urple.

I have had a shit day. I need Puppies. - Had a shitty day/week/month/year? Hammer Floyd is ready to write you a prescription for PUPPIES!

De-Barking, Inform Me
- Debarking came up in a thread this week and Calypso wants to know more. Some people feel like it's a cruel modification and others think it's a necessity for some breeds of dogs.

Very odd horse request
- Tac0 hit a horse with a car. That's bad enough, but now someone has to find out who the owners are so the'll know what happened. There's a picture of the car in the OP.

Free pet supplies/low cost spay & neuter program links - KeturahIshtari gives us lots of links for free stuff and spay neuter programs.

Kitty is BORED
- Corridor is looking for good ways to keep a kitten busy. Lots of great suggestions - be sure to try a leash!

Debate and Discussion (as presented by the straight-up hustler Yiggy) is where the learned folk of the forums gather to debate each other, analyze politics, discuss science and religion, and call each other names.

A Slashed Safety Net Turns Libraries into Homeless Shelters (long) - The homeless are turning up in our libraries, and not for self-education. How do we deal with the problems of homelessness, before and after its onset?

Are you opposed to embryonic stem cell research? Why? - Nothing like a good old fashioned stem cell discussion to flush out the cobwebs. Come discuss with us why stem cell research is either necessary or verboten.

Any atheist parents here? Or children of atheist parents - Atheists may not have souls, but that doesn't mean they can't have crotch goblins kids! Lets hear your experiences as a member of an atheist family or your concerns as an atheist wanting to start one.

Y'all like documentaries? - Who doesn't?!?!? D&Ders share some of their favorite documentaries. Get your learn on!

Opinions on Primitivism/ Dark Green/Anti-Civ stuff? - Whoa man, put down that copy of Foxfire 88 and share your thoughts on simple living and the merits of a return to a "natural" way of life!

Cinema Discusso seems to be missing a whole lot of letters out of the word "Discussion", but it's not my job to complain! Thankfully, Lutherous is here to break the latest down for us without getting hung up on little things like the forum's name.

2007 - The Year of the Zombie It will be a good year indeed

Recommend me surreal, metaphorical, Sci-Fi films Science fiction is more then blasters and wookies. Its also about robots.

Why We Banned Legos - Exploring power, ownership, and equity - One classroom's legotown has sparked a conversation on social structure and collectivist vs. privatized systems.

Quit playing Games with my heart, but by all means, my Nintendo would love it! Mr. Onslaught in the house.

PlayStation 3: Where Blind Optimism Meets Empty Bank Accounts - Five hundred and ninety nine US dollars, giant enemy crabs, the fourth dimension, and rays that are...blue. I mean Blu.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles - Duck Hunt meets Resident Evil in this upcoming Wii release gone wild.

post hot video game chicks and the most ycseddest images u got - This thread sucks basically but it is good too.

Let's Play Shin Megami Tensei! (56k is posessed by a demon) - I sure don't know what is going on with that title, but stop off to see an intriguing playthrough of this demon computer based game.

Puzzle Quest Megathread - It's like bejeweled, but not for housewives. - Seriously, why aren't you playing this RPG/puzzle game yet?

The TV/IV is our forum about what's on television. Interestingly enough, it makes the goons watch TV less since they sit around and post about their favorite shows while they're on! Hit us with some science, Aatrek.

Television Fan Art F***ing Rules! - This is a horribly distracting thread displaying the sad, lonely lives of non-SA television fans. Not work or mind safe.

The Shield: Season Six - After more than a year, Vic Mackey's back and as bad-ass as ever.

Battlestar Hiatus: I've Been to 2008 and I'm Gonna Take Us There - TV IV anxiously awaits the end of the nine-month 'Battlestar Galactica' hiatus. Too bad it just started.

Prison Break: "Sona" - The PB season finale has come and gone: did you love it or hate it? TV IV can't seem to decide, either.

Doctor Who: Series 3 (29) - Everyone's favorite Time Lord is back for a third season (or 29th, depending on how you look at it). Will goon Komrade Hitlerstalin have an aneurysm before week three?

Post Your Favorite exists because we needed a place for people to post their opinions about every little thing. Well, I think it's just great! What's crackin', Zero Star?

Post famous people from your high school/college! - Y-Hat kicked off this nostalgia-fest about our former educational peers who went on to bigger and better things. And Something Corporate.

PYF Something Awful Quotes
- Like any good humour site, Something Awful has produced more than its fair share of legendary sayings over the years. This thread, created by Ipava, collects the best of the best. Bonus points go to Groggie, who created a wiki-style site to preserve the quotes.

PYF Something Awful Emoticons - Orange Cream Soda decided it was time to honour the vast range of weird and wonderful emoticons and smilies that populate/pollute the SA forums, depending on your perspective. SA has created some flat-out brilliant emoticons in its time, ranging from Psyduck wearing NFL gear to a guy with Down's Syndrome attempting to pull off a rimshot on a drumkit, to a depiction of the Flash masturbating.

PYF Something Awful Usernames - As if SA quotes and emoticons weren't enough, now we have a thread celebrating the usernames that people give themselves! This thread was started by bonghitz4jesus, which is a pretty cool username in itself.

We're out for now! Remember, these are just a few of our best threads from the last week. Come back next time for more of that sweet, sweet link action!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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