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Reppin': Georgia Leech

MLB Offseason - October - Your Shitty Team Didn't Make the Playoffs - Offseason discussion for all the fans of teams such as the Pirates, Nationals, Mariners, and Yankees that couldn't overcome the juggernaut franchises to make the playoffs.

B-League MMA - R.I.P. EliteXC (10/04/08) - lol kimbo slice

Hey, more avatars! - TheChirurgeon is back and bringing awesome superhero football avatars for everyone those that were quick enough to post in the first 10 minutes of the thread. The ones he does make are awesome though, so go check them out.

The Power Rankings are back! Miami is the new Jacksonville.) - Finally, Crimson Ghost's long-awaited NFL power rankings have returned. Do they make much sense? No, they're pretty off. Does it make for some fantastic arguments every year? Oh you bet your ass it does.

Is it time for the NFL to do another divisional reassignment? - No, it's not.

RSF: Your Team Sucks - It's hard to pick out one of the terrific from SAS's answer to YCS, so read the whole thing until you feel like never watching sports again!

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Reppin': adam jay harris

Unbearable vaginal pain - "she can get 2 fingers in without any pain at all, so I'm starting to wonder what's going on!"

Dump truck seeks to become lean, mean, fat-burning machine - BBW seeks SWM to unload cargo preferably in the middle of a tornado. No Gay Stuff.

Squatting in Vans - you see, I prefer to do the most important exercise (read SQUATS) in a non-stationary environment, and thus, a moving van will expedite my mobile fitness requirements quite succinctly.

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