~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': Skutter

Pet island animal-drawing practic.- Post your pets and funny anecdotes in this thread so Times can try out his new Wacom tablet. Other artists drop in to contribute their versions of PIs pets. Feel free to post your pets, or draw others' pets for them!

Cat is bored of food again, the killing begins.- FrankTheSpank's cat refuses to eat his food and goes on a killing spree that includes several dead mice and one large crow. Click for pictures.

Looking into a pet skunk. Anyone with expereince?- Skunks have terrible personalities, will get put down if they bite anyone (no rabies vaccinations), are prone to rectal prolapse, and most household chemicals will kill them. Awesome! Bonus pics of PI's favorite resident skunk, Gilbert, chowing down on a lollipop.

Help me convince my mom to have my dog neutered.- Do you like having your home smelling like piss, and risking your dogs getting either testicular, penile or mammary cancer? Then don't spay or neuter them and be like all the other trash that breeds their dogs for money.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno

The Night Vision Thread: Thin-filmed for your pleasure - Watch as Large Hardon Collider evades CID using her stolen US Military night vision equipment. (CID: This is legitimately purchased equipment don't beat her kneecaps please.)

http://forums.somethingawful.com/sh...hreadid=2973456Best Gun/War Movie - RAMBO XII IS THE BEST AND MOST FACTUAL WEAPONS RELATED MOVIE EVER CREATED. ANYBODY IN CD WILL TELL YOU THAT.

stripped 5.56 lower receiver group buy (get 'em while ya can) - Scared of another assault weapons ban? Even if you're not you should hop on Gewher 43's Stag Arms lower receiver group buy. $102/shipped to your dealer is a damned good price for a quality receiver.

Writing an action movie script, have some gun questions - Help! I'm writing the worlds most boring action movie and need pointers help the director get lost in mindless details about Glocks vs XDs.

Chicago Gun Laws - are worse than Californias. Sorry guys.

I'm Too Broke to Buy a Safe - TFR's Favorite ginger shows us his super secret firearms hiding place. (PS: It's his colon)

.327 Federal Gimmick or Worth Looking Into? - Looks like senility has finally hit Fang in his advanced age as he has confused this thread with the AR-15 megathread and started bashing all of them "whippersnappers" and their "newfangled pussy bullet."

So I'm a bit new around here. Does this count as Tacticlol? -

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