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Reppin': Mr. Wiggles

10$ KFC challange
- You know that stupid KFC commercial where they try to show the busy housewife/workingmother/lizardwrangler that they simply do not have the time or ability to create, with only $10, the same quality and quantity of food that KFC can for like moneys? Well anyone who believes that is silly and this thread is why.

Let's help CrunchyTaco learn to stop worrying and love food!
- "We've all got family members or friends or posters named CrunchyTaco that need exposure to foods they've not been exposed to. This thread is designed to help people that aren't used to a category of food get used to it. Ideally the recipes posted here will be accessible, not require a trip to some crazy market you heard about, and not be overly difficult to prepare."

Risotto: these kernels drink more than Ted Kennedy!
- Neverminding that Ted Kennedy has been clean for a zillion years, this is still a good thread about tasty Italian food.

Fission Cuisine: Sub-Atomic Gastronomy (Food Trends)
- Dude, your eating fad is so 8 days ago.

~*~ Automotive Insanity ~*~
Reppin': RealKyleH

2008 Ferrari/Shelby Virginia City Hill Climb - Awesome cars in this thread.

400WHP GTI Buildup - Fabricating lots of custom parts and building an engine in here. Plenty of machining/welding pics too.

2008 Paris Auto Show - Pictures from the 2008 Paris auto show.

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