[DnD]0 - can i call you

Hellchick - No, because it's after hours, I'm working, and I can't tell you anything about our legal stuff.

[DnD]0 - ok... i will call someother time K?

Hellchick - No, you should only contact me on ICQ. I don't chat on the phone.

[DnD]0 - ok...

[DnD]0 - i got a planet site////

[DnD]0 - does gamespy own fileplanet.com and fileplanet.net ?

Hellchick - Yes.

[DnD]0 - well, not really... you own the .net of it?

Hellchick - Look, you're asking the wrong person. I'm the site director for PlanetQuake. you want to talk about PQ, then talk to me. Everything else you need to ask GameSpy about.

[DnD]0 - ok.

[DnD]0 - hi

[DnD]0 - job openings are now available for planetquake3.net if you would like to be a member or just feel like contributing ICQ me back

[DnD]0 - can i edit arenaspy then distribute it?

Hellchick - No, you cannot.

[DnD]0 - oh ok

[DnD]0 - hows hell?

Hellchick - hell?

[DnD]0 - http://www.fileplanet.net/

[DnD]0 - like fileplanet?

Hellchick - You once asked me if you could work for PlanetQuake. If you want to work for PlanetQuake, then why do you hate GameSpy?

Hellchick - And I don't run FilePlanet, so I don't care.

[DnD]0 - ok.... i hate gamspy that is right i hate the whole fucken company...........

Hellchick - Interesting. So why do you hate them?

[DnD]0 - because it is fulll of shit... if planetquake did not host all those sites it would be totaly shit... SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellchick - Why would it be? You have to present reasons to back up arguments, otherwise you just sound like a ranting idiot, and I'm sure that's not what you want people to think.

[DnD]0 - yes it is// you host everyone and their brother... if it was not for that planetquake would die///

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