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  • The Endless Forest

    The Endless Forest

    Normally I review games of the MMORPG genre every two weeks but this article is a bit different since I am reviewing "The Endless Forest" which I don't think actually qualifies as a game. I would call it a chat room for people who want to be deer... but you can't actually chat.

  • Drift City

    Drift City

    This week we take a look at Drift City, a cell shaded car game that is only fun when harassing other players.

  • Knight Online World

    Knight Online World

    Knight Online World makes all the other games I have reviewed look like masterpieces. This time I brought along a few goons to suffer the same misery.

  • GoonZu


    Join me as I enter the world of GoonZu. The latest piece of crap to push out of the bowels of Korea. Some features include: click and wait combat system, cat-rabbits, and stupid anime crap.

  • Dofus - The game with the name

    Dofus - The game with the name

    Are you ready for non-exciting mediocrity!? I wasn't! This game is boring! YIPPIE!

  • Ran Online

    Ran Online

    Ran Online sets you in the future and back in college. The precision is so great in this game, it is like virtual reality.

  • Gekkeiju Online - Anime Girls in MUD

    Gekkeiju Online - Anime Girls in MUD

    Some MMOs are crappy and some are crappy with creepy anime models in it. This week I take a look into the dark world that is 3D anime muds and will never be the same again.

  • PrisonServer - Shankin' for Manga

    PrisonServer - Shankin' for Manga

    Ever wanted to spend life behind bars but too fat and lazy to get arrested? Well, thanks to PrisonServer you can get the whole prison experience without leaving the comfort of your chair!

  • Fiesta


    A look at Outspark's up and coming MMO and why it is officially the best game in Asia.

  • Granado Espada

    Granado Espada

    Set sail for a magnificent new world full of soulless clones and tentacle monsters.

  • Albatross18 - Anime Girls and Golf

    Albatross18 - Anime Girls and Golf

    Like golfing but aren't allowed to wear your favorite dragon shirt onto the green? Banned from the course after striking a fellow golfer with a key shaped club? Then Albatross 18 is the game for you!

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