The Art of Game Design with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: ok
Moof: tonight is the night
Moof: i am going to write my buffer
Moof: technically it is only a single buffer i suppose
Moof: ok it is going well so far
Livestock: how buff is it
Moof: hehe very
Livestock: i think the buffer should make 5 passes on the screen, as follows
Livestock: the first would be to define the points of each vertex
Livestock: the second would be to draw the edges between them
Livestock: the third would be to fill the edges with solid colors to make "faces"
Livestock: the fourth would be to apply textures and lightmaps to each solid color, or face
Livestock: the fifth would antialias and apply post-processing effects such as blurs
Livestock: how do you feel about my plan
Moof: what about the crows
Livestock: this engine would mostly just draw textured squares moof
Moof: when would the buffer draw the crows
Livestock: what are you thinking of
Livestock: i thought we were doing a top-down version of tetris
Moof: i thought we were writing a crow game
Livestock: well maybe we should do a design document???
Moof: maybe yes this might clarify some things
Moof: once my buffer is written it should be super fast though

What Will Happen to the Battlestars of Galactica with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: maybe they will find earth
Livestock: what do you think is on planet earth
Livestock: barns i bet
Livestock: cylon barnstars
Livestock: that launch thousands of horses and sheep
Moof: hehehe and moocows
Livestock: and resurrection farms
Moof: hehehe
Livestock: launch alert sheep dogs!!
Livestock: set condition 1 throughout the tractor
Moof: :O
Livestock: all the haystacks are octagons
Livestock: i think i like battlefarm galactica better than the real show moof
Moof: barnfarm galactica

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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