The Vein: Here we go folks, the undercard match. Steve Armstrong, the New Hope of Neo-Hoboken, the Chosen One with the Guns, Him Say He Blade Runner, versus some fish guy who was strongly displeased with the service in this run-down greasy spoon.

Haymaker: Steve is well known by locals as the cooler of this particular diner/alien breakaway-glass bar, Vein.

The Vein: Well said, Hank. Oh, perfect form on that 180 double-handed table-snapper! One of the many dangers of eating in the stuntman food court you've gotta be ready to get thrown or kicked through something at all times.

Haymaker: Preparation is always key in the intergalactic death-sports game, Vein. By the way, just a quick reminder folks, all the breakaway furniture/walls you see throughout the station tonight were provided by Gorlak's Mighty Hoard & One Stop Breakaway Shop in Sector 12-C. Gorlak's - You buy it, you break it(tm)!

Haymaker: Ouch - I haven't seen this much punishment done to an eatery since Denny's served that tainted batch of Mac N' Cheesesteak Bacon Beandip Casserole Crepes.

The Vein: True enough, Hank. A textbook quick KO with tons of collateral damage from the up-and-coming human star. Before we go on, let's find out a little more about his methods.

Haymaker: Steve's trainer is of course Patty O'Blumenkrantz-Brandybuck from the beautiful rolling meadows of the Yidd-Irish Shire planet, nestled in the heart of the Oy-Aye quadrant.

The Vein: A true legend of the sport Hank, and from what I hear a real heavyweight in the cutthroat world of underground sensual massage racing.

Haymaker: That's exactly right Vein - his centuries of squatting in hovels and crawlspaces underneath the floor of the Arena on the festive Keebler Sub-Steerage Indentured Pleasure Deck and perversely eavesdropping on /massaging people have really paid off, and it shows in his track record as an athletic manager and freelance loan shark.

The Vein: Now Steve's obviously dealing with some serious demons here tonight, wouldn't you say Hank?

Haymaker: Absolutely Vein - Steve swore he'd never fight again after he tragaccidentally kicked that little kid's head off through the bars of the Kill Kage during the Lukemia Open Exhibition Ultimate Charithon Deathbrawl, an experience that I'm told haunts his nightmares even to this day.

The Vein: Heavy stuff there Hank, but hopefully not as heavy as the desire he carries in his soul to be a champion.

Haymaker: Couldn't have said it better myself Vein.

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