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Top Dog of the Week

Posted by -=BiGDOG=- at 2:17 PM.

The one and only Panzer!Panzer.

As if I'm ever going to pick another dog. BiGDOG loves a winner, and in my mind, Panzer will always be the winner. If you've read my reviews on any of the "reputable" dog sites (like there are any left, 'side from this one, of course), you'll know why I'm always giving props to this A+ K9.

You show me a dog better than Panzer, and I'll show you how goddamn wrong you are.

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Weekly Spottings

Posted by -=BiGDOG=- at 1:26 PM.

As I was just telling my buddy RexMan_15 in alt.pets.dogs.bigdogs, this week has been quite industrious for the Ol' BiGDOG. Here's a brief rundown of my more notable sightings this week:

  • BargeBarge: Nothing worse than seeing a dog that looks like he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.
  • Saunter: Looking fine, looking fine! BiGDOG gives major kudos to her owner for keeping her coat shiny and her weight in check. Always great to see a dog in love with life.
  • Vanguard: Top notch dog all around. Saw this fine specimen with a big stick in his mouth near Lake Davies. Gave him a thumbs up, then went back to laughing at...
  • Fulcrum: What a dog. Took me about five minutes to figure out which end was the head. Looks like somebody cut two dogs and half and stitched 'em together. Had to laugh, but points for creativity.
  • Bucephelus: Wasn't expecting to see him around. With Vermin dead, he's pretty much fallen in line with El Cráneo Negro, though I can see in his eyes he ain't happy about it. Of all the dogs following Vermin, he seems like the one with the most regrets. Hell, he and Rusty used to hang together when they were pups.
  • Fiasco: A bit worse for the wear. Guess his recent breakup with Siren has really done a number on him. Looked like he's been sleeping in a bog for the last month. BiGDOG knows the feeling.
  • Danger: I hardly ever see this guy. It's a miracle he hasn't gotten himself involved in all the recent troubles in town. Mark my words: when all the dust settles and all these warring dog packs wipe each other out, dogs like Danger are going to be running the show. Good or bad, you gotta respect a dog that knows when to wait for his time.
  • Homestead: Ran into this suck-up while walking around downtown. She's always been heavy on the affection, trying to butter me up. Looks like she's only gotten worse. Pretty sure I heard from my buddy WolfFang in #barklounge that she's been turned out by Tetanus. I almost feel sorry for her.
  • Auspice: Saw this fallen hero barking at a garbage can and scratching his snout fiercely. Somebody ought to put him out of his misery. He looks half eaten and crazy as all hell.

That about wraps it up for the big names. I saw a few new faces, too. BiGDOG will keep his eyes peeled and let you know if they are worth checking out down the road.

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– BiGDOG (@Livestock)

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