Brooklyn, NYC was once a hotbed of gang violence, with groups like the Pure Hells, Satan Souls and Screaming Phantoms carving out their turf. The borough has gotten a bit safer over the years, but many dangerous gangs are still at large. Here is the most up-to-date map of these gangs' locations.

1. Latin MILFs

2. Segway Punks

3. Vegan Kings

4. Outlaw Beards

5. Etsy Street Team

6. Los Bohos

7. Psycho Couriers

8. Passive Aggressors

9. Suicide Vapers

10. Rogue Delivery Drones

11. Gluten Freedom Fighters

12. Devil's Loiterers

13. Slum Poets

14. Fat Shamers

15. Busker Posse

16. Fedora Initiative

17. gaNg+1

18. Diabetic Juggalos

19. Thrift Shop Boys

20. tumblr rumblrs

21. East Side Truthers

22. Pitchfork Mafia

23. Alt-Crips

24. Zipcar Jackers

25. Midnight Bowlers

26. Trigger Warnings

27. Shade Throwers

28. Subhumans of New York

29. Criminal Collective

30. Red Hook Gentrifiers

31. Dunham's Disciples

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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