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I like your request were you at?

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Hey buddy.
I could probably help you out with a haircut. I could give you the 'all over buzz' you want. I also have experience with military cuts and could get you into a crew or high & tight.

A little J/O after the cut might be nice. Perhaps you could give me a cut or clean up my sides with the razor? I sport a short high & tight and like to keep it clean.

Trade cuts or mutual grooming is good. I also have a big, untrimmed bush that might need the clippers.

Me....40 w/ beard & military cut.

If you've already been sheared......that's ok......we can always plan for a future session.

Shoot me a reply.


Hey, came across your ad on cl. i'm a hairstylist who'd love to give you a buzz cut for pleasurable barter...

The ad we posted:

The replies:

Well, I must admit that this ad was so well articulated and straight to the point. First of all may I offer condolences to the passing of your friend and brother of the secret cave order. At first I passed it up as jut a CL hoax but then I began thinking about missing a golden opportunity in the event that this is on the up and up. It almost seems to be a tailor made dream to be a part of something so enlightening, so exclusive, so liberating, so manly. As a white male, 50 years young at heart, I love to jack off. I find it to be the most satisfying of all forms of releasing. I am a professional classical musician. I would be honored and cherish to opportunity to be a part of your secret club and would do all that is required to be a member in good standing. If I can provide any further information please do email me at your earliest convience.

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