Donald A. Gorske's Book 22,477 Big Macs for Only $34.95

You might recall Gorske from a brief bout of media attention where he claimed to eat 22,000 big macs and the dead-eyed idiots on morning TV news shows acted like this was something amazing and not mental illness. Now you can read the book and realize, definitely, it's mental illness.

It's a biography of Gorske's fairly miserable life using every Big Mac he has eaten as mile markers. Which would be interesting, bordering on ingenious, if Gorske were interesting, but the burgers are the only interesting thing about him. Actually this is great. I can't lie.

Kush Perfume for only $33.99

Do you want your girlfriend to smell like weed? Of course you do. And, according to the reviews, this 3 star product sort of works, but it doesn't last long enough. So keep the bottle handy for re-ups on that weed smell. She's going to want to blast the stench of marijuana into her face and onto her body ever 20-30 minutes until your eyes are red and you feel drowsy.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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