If you gotta constantly tell everyone that you ain't a Nazi to the point you redefined Nazi to mean the people the Nazis were always fightin' against..... you might be a Nazi!

If y'all act like genocide can't happen here when your country was created by genocide so half of y'all could keep slaves... guess what? You might be a Nazi.

When the only time you care about the Holocaust is when you're tellin' people not to call the prison you run a concentration camp... you might be a Nazi.

If you got a secret group on Facebook about bein' Nazis... you might be a Nazi.

If you say that bein' called a Nazi is gonna make you a Nazi so you're just gonna be a Nazi... well heck you might be a Nazi!

If you ever worried for an actual second about stoppin' "white genocide" in the United States of America... you might be a Nazi!

If you keep 20 kids in a van for two hours and it's parked in the desert waitin' to put them in cages instead of takin' them to a soccer game... you might be a Nazi!

If you bring in a TV so kids can watch the Fourth of July fireworks celebrating the military from the overcrowded cage where they drink out of a toilet... you might just be one of them Nazis.

If your only way to justify that you ain't runnin' a concentration camp is to call anybody that has been inside to see what you are doin' a liar...... you might be a Nazi!

If you feel intimidated by a 5'4" lady askin' you what in the fuck you are doin' to all these kids and you go complain about it to Fox News instead of feelin' for a second maybe you shouldn't be doin' it to all these kids... you might be a Nazi.

If your response to kids dyin' in your cages is sayin' they shouldn't have been tryin' to escape hell and they all need to go back to hell so they can die there... you might be a Nazi.

If you get all defensive when somebody yells about the kids in cages and start talkin' about how Obama built the cages you're just usin' them when you said on your Nazi Facebook group that Obama and his wife shoulda been hanged for treason... goddamn you might be a Nazi.

If the only reason you joined border patrol instead of becomin' a cop was too many domestic abuse felonies on your record and the force wouldn't hire people with a swastika tattoo above the shoulders... you might be a Nazi.

If you spent your own money to buy snacks for the kids you keep in a cage, sick and filthy for weeks... y'all still might be a Nazi.

Just gotta stress this one folks: If kids keep dyin' in your cages and that ain't ever happened before and you clearly ain't doin' nothin' about it to make it better... you might be a gotdang Nazi.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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