I'm friends with Sheldon Kahn, the editor of the film Hotel For Dogs. He was kind enough to furnish me with this list of lines cut from the movie. Both he and the director felt strongly they should stay - they were cut purely due to runtime.

"Don Cheadle, what are you doing here?!"

"We know not why we've traveled through time, but we see no finer place to plan The Revolutionary War than this Hotel For Dogs!"

"My children are dead! Damn you, Hotel For Dogs!"

"Can my dog and I...uh...rent a room by the hour?"

"I asked the concierge about tourist attractions, and he went to the bathroom on me. Can we have our money back?"

"Unless you can raise $50,000 in one week, this Hotel For Dogs will be turned into a parking lot for dogs."

"Wait a minute...we're not IN the Hotel For Dogs...we ARE the Hotel For Dogs!!!"

"I ordered room service, and the waiter ate my burger. Then he went to the bathroom on me. Where are the exits?"

"Hey, this place gives me a great idea: what about a Hotel for Humans?"

"Good news - I just blew up the Hotel for Cats."


"How are these dogs paying for their hotel rooms? Oh great, we're bankrupt."

"These dogs are delicious."

– Asterios "President Baby" Kokkinos (@asterios)

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