300 Inmates Break Out of Indian Jail (NY Times)

"In the epicenter of the Maoist rebellion in central India, 300 prisoners who were apparently led by Maoists broke out of jail on Sunday evening, the police said.

It was unclear to what extent the escape reflected poor policing - a hallmark of much of rural India, including Chhattisgarh State, where it took place - or a well-planned jailbreak."

Hell yeah! Now this is a jailbreak!

Here in the United States about half of our population is in prison on drug charges on any given day, but we never have jailbreaks of this caliber. Maybe we've gotten too good at running prisons or maybe our prisoners have lost the will to bust out of the clink.

When you think about it, we are really just prisoners of our own occidental ennui. Maybe we just need more Maoists, those guys apparently know how to tear some shit up.

300 people is a lot of people to be doing anything, let alone escaping from jail at the same time. That's like seven or eight bus loads of people or, if they escaped by hiding in the laundry, about 150 of those laundry carts. Heck, maybe they just had 300 posters of Farrah Fawcett and 300 head starts.

One of the details that jumps out at me in this story is that it took place in a rural area of India. This prompts comparisons to rural American jails and I end up with a really wild episode of the Andy Griffith Show. Barney Fife falls asleep guarding the jail cell and a wobbly Otis coaxes a shaggy dog into stealing the ring of keys from Barney's belt.

Otis gets the keys and unlocks the cell and then the camera pans back and we see 299 more drunks swaying from side to side and shambling out of the jail cell. Mayberry will never be the same.

Television: Globes might feel the pinch of writer's strike

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has requested a waiver from the Writers Guild, something the organization has already granted to the Screen Actors Guild awards. If it is turned down and the strike continues on Jan. 13, the day of the big bash, many nominees might not attend.


Katherine Heigl, who got a nod for "Grey's Anatomy," has already said she would skip the event rather than cross the picket line.

Nooo! Not the Golden Globes!

Hollywood is too busy trying to get paid to honor itself. If I were a hotshot Hollywood writer I might call that irony and turn in a script for a one hour dramedy called Doctor Irony. It would be about doctors in a hospital being sexy and ironic as fuck and then, sweet irony, it would win the Golden Globes! But I would be on strike so I couldn't write the script for the award ceremony where I would be given an award for Doctor Irony, my hit ironic dramedy.

Hey, when is this thing going to finally end? I don't know who is in the right here, but if I had to guess between the overpaid and under-talented Hollywood writers and a bunch of faceless corporate monoliths I guess I will, with reservations, blame the corporations. Work this out, you fucks! If this goes on much longer we're going to end up with some unbelievably stupid reality show where church choirs compete against eac


– Newsblargh! Editors (@sexyfacts4u)

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