Jim & Karen's wedding is going to be the event of the season! Here's some ways to learn you're not invited.

When you ask Jim where they're registered, he tells you, "In Hell."

Karen runs up to you and shouts, "GuynotinvitedtomyweddingsaysWHAT?" and you say, "What?" and she smiles.

At the rehearsal dinner, everyone "rehearses" turning the lights out and being really quiet in case you show up.

Jim tells you it's a "destination wedding," and that the destination is "pain," and then he beats the shit out of you.

When you ask Karen if the wedding's open bar, she transforms into a magic mist and escapes through the floorboards.

In lieu of gifts, they ask that attendees, "Stop you from entering at all costs."

The "Save The Date" they send you? Filled with bees.

They ask you to watch their dog while they're out "getting married" at a "wedding" that "you are not invited to."

All your friends are tweeting #JimKarenWedding, #FuckThisGuy, and a photo of you.

You're not particularly close with either Jim or Karen. In fact, you barely see them anymore. Also, you didn't invite them to your wedding! Still...the balls on those two.

– Asterios "President Baby" Kokkinos (@asterios)

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