Transportation traffic you spend all of your time! DRIVING you mad? Just a jest!AMERICAN fans no doubt aware of Semi Automatic Turban who us? Splendid music for dreams of your children and others! Dreams of music successes has shipped to homeland soil much like selves as INS says of no student visa! I say I am sorry I was not aware of master card!

As you see there is many out source of labor AMERICAN. Many a programmer is around us here home. But why not a humor and laugh and joy as well we work to do? American of love laugh! We prove well how undercutting your ankles in surprise.

List Funny

AMERICAN humor is very funny with list funny. We know this and third rule. Example here:

  • Miss. Stewart
  • Mr. Brown
  • Fart Street Players

    As you see there is a out of sorts! This is in lies humor. In homeland of similar but involves clear markings for graves of which many are just dying to get in!

  • Jay Leno

    AMERICAN love a Jay Leno so why not let us be a Jay Leno? Example here:

    I read in parchment Palestinian captain Yasser Arafat is of dying. Can this be believe? Yes i tell my wife "Many wishes upon his corpse sinking into the ground and torture horrible you burn in flame forever curse you traitor I teach you rip up your skull family I open their throats brisk for their shame how you like that reverse fortune! " And my wife said oh no you did not say so! And disappear!

    Cute Dog

    Many times a cute dog tells a child to give him a token which a child redeems for his own waste. This is fortune for both man and child but of dog? Dog refugee of own design! Telling this dog he is cute is much of the same while simply disposing of a mother is a small package of mail away. AMERICAN say a cute dog is the same as throwing a river into the eye of that same children while his tokens fall from his cold hands into ravine.

    We know let us wrote now stop pressure you get it!!

    Strip Comic

    AMERICAN news has many of but we have artist of as same. We take a cat? Example here:

    Many a child is for a wish... that is all is wish propel in air!

    My Country Your Country

    A fun joke where many say other thing in other way? Comparsion jokes! Example here:

  • In AMERICAN you wear tank top. In HOMELAND we ride top of tank!
  • In AMERICAN you eat burger. In HOMELAND we burn haystack with knife computer for research technology.
  • In AMERICAN you kick us out you not so great you tell us dreams and dreams children also and we just want to make music but you say our student visa unable and we wish only well apple pie despite God yet still airport crank is many so HOMELAND we ditch a shovel of dirt and eat remains for good measure for misery sake but only happiness.

    Your elder a real crabapple? Tell them in such words an into crank when your boss!

  • As you see an outsource of a banking programmer? Waste of our efforts! Many we take from you for you have more time for baseball game. We write a funny golden laugh for you jelly your belly in time for soccer television. Out of source many of this we have many times and watches we make which every way! Slap around you family own into third dimensions hurl into physics lab for all matters! Rich Kyanka pay us only of third cent for whole she bang you hunker of all goat.

    – Semiautomatic Turban

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