Thinking of starting that new home-based social media empire? Ready to interact in real-time with exciting technophiles, socialites, and New Media mavens from all over the globe? Facebook alone just won't cut it-- if you want to be part of something big, you need to be on Twitter!

Exciting marketing opportunities await! Constantly hawked by news channel journalists and forgotten celebrities grasping for that last wisp of fame, Twitter is earning relevance and credibility practically by the hour. It's its own news outlet! Just by glancing at the Trending Topics panel, you can see what Justin Bieber thinks about current news items. Try doing THAT in 2005!

Perhaps the biggest sign that this Twitter thing just won't go away anytime soon-- Twitter now has a business plan. By showing "Promoted Tweets" among search results, Twitter hopes that users will mistakenly click paid tweets advertising this week's episode of Saturday Night Live before they go back to talking about how terrible Saturday Night Live has gotten. Smart fellas!

The microblogging format lends itself well to nuggets of information with a minimum of fluff-- just enough to get your point across in a fun way (often abbreviating "you" to "u" and "are" to "r" and so on-- Think Teens!) that engages and captures a demographic that has next to no standards regarding what they bother reading.

A highly scalable social media solution for your business is often just what's necessary to launch a new product, service, or viral meme. Don't hesitate to burst out of that dusty, old blogosphere and into the newest networking generation. Nothing but positive growth and interaction await you on the Inter Net!

Johnny "DocEvil" Titanium is a social media marketing expert with experience microblogging, networking,weblogging, podcasting, aggregation, crowdsourcing, Skyping, geotagging, wiki-ing, vlogging, and synergizingnew mediums. His New Media consulting service is accepting new clients, and is usually the first person at aparty to mention that he doesn't watch TV.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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