[Ominous motor sounds blend with bass guitar]

No parking sign I could not see,
blocked by a tree, hiding from me,
on that day could it even be.
Spiraling beyond the yellow line,
unfolding into and above the loading zone.
Limits of being are observed. Body and mind are one.

Look at these images of my camera's eye.
Parking there permission granted,
where a sign does not indicate it was not granted here.

No parking sign it could not be,
away from me, I cannot see,
justifying this unlawful fee.
No red or yellow or spiraling line,
degenerating ignorance to this violation.
Limits of my being were observed. Body and mind were one.

Your honor indulge my camera's eye.
Accede to the lawfulness of car location,
where a sign does not indicate invalid location here.

Diagrams of geometry urging you to confirm, to see.
Reaching my divine vessel not across this line.
Placing my faith in this visible vessel's zone.

I refuse to pay to
support a corrupt body, to monetize contemptuous sinews
and confirm the system feeds on us
to feel consumed, by traffic eyes,
within eyes, watching nothing until,
a scene unfolds with urgency,
a pizza growing cold or a child emerges,
into the false divinity of the state.

With my wheels within the lines
between the signs of affirmation on this block.
I am not a number for your ledgers,
my inner eye is opening to your quotas.
If you do not find in my favor,
if you do not release me from this burden,
if you do not embrace the turning wheel in the sky,
we'll ride the wave of injustice to the local news.

I even left my blinkers on...oN... ON... ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
This... was not... a violation.
This... was not... a violation.
This was not your god!!!!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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