I don't care what your personal politics are, just as I hope you don't care what mine are. In fact, since the election here in my United States just recently ended, I'm actually pretty wildly tired of hearing about politics or thinking about it in any way. For the foreseeable future, I will hate everything about politics with every possible ounce of my being.

However, as little as I care about how some folks will now mope and kick trash around, or celebrate by dancing and kicking trash around, one thing I do appreciate is the whining of others. Thankfully, with the Internet the way it is these days (I think we're at Web 4.0 or 4.2 by now), we have more or less an indirect line to enjoying the misery of other people whenever anything ever happens. Yours truly spent election night not out campaigning for a particular cause or candidate, or ferrying voters to or from the polls-- I sat at home and waited for results to begin pouring in so that I could find out what other people, and especially their dads, thought. Here's what happened:

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