vindizzle reeked:

the house smells like smoke should I go outside?!?! there are smoke everywhere I just got up lol wtf put a towel under the door? smells BAD

sookie_stinkhouse reeked:

omg my cousin's friend had this happen. I think it's a gas leak. You need to turn everything off.

ladyfarts69 reeked:

Smells more like electricity to me. Coppery and electrical. Dunno what it is, but I'm in Toronto and I smell it.

muskedranger reeked:

Nice av 69! Who is that? From a fart clip? Do you use smellio?

obamas_body_soil reeked:

On fox news the picture just changed to the studio and there is just a bunch of smoke and no people! No one is even talking!

muskedranger reeked:

LOL smell it here too. Think it smells good. Sniffing that whiff. Not smoke or electricity. Bold butt BO blasting my face. A sweaty crack, everywhere. I am a tiny man at the howling innards of a rectal ravine. This is like a dream.

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