I really like this Palpek image, featuring it at the start of a page is not an attempt to curry favor in the Games forum where they're a moderator. Certainly not!

JFC Mondo Gatto, give somebody else a chance!

JcDent keeps a garden just bursting with shitposts... for victory!!!

I feel like LadyPictureShow is speaking from experience in this image.

I like how Repeating Meme makes a very simple edit here, but the contrast reminds us how absolutely tasteless we are in calling our anti-goldmine a "gas chamber". Good show.

This submission by The Glumslinger celebrates the forums' favorite brand of pipe-dream technoutopianism. Really though, "loan forgiving sexbots please" is more succinct.

Oh yeah, Sir Lagsalot is right, you'll need even more bux to buy your own custom smilies. Just go ahead and convert your bank account to a joint one with Lowtax now, basically.

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