Sigh. Kind of, VideoGames. Kind of.

I was just kidding you, Mondo Gatto. Submit all the porn meme / world war iconography mashups your weird heart desires.

This submission by Empty Sandwich features the official GBS flag, an art deco interpretation of the most influential anal photograph of the 21st century. Yes I mean every word of that crazy fuck sentence and this one too, dammit.

I'm still waiting for my pair, Belbos Computer. But it's only been about 13 years.

Nice contrast match, Xaintrailles. Nice job with the hand-drawn font too, and the matte on the photographed figure, this is just all-around good work. You win this week's prize, which is me inviting you to come volunteer. Plush, right? You're very welcome.

Hmm. That's pretty good, Empty Sandwich, but...

... I gotta say Ensign Expendable beats it out for having a shoe in the original. Too bad though, that flaming city dog is pretty rad...

... okay VideoGames. We can be friends again.

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