I think it's interesting here how Hollow Talk conflates hammering, usually a reference to forum bans, with voting five, the thematic opposite. Is this a commentary about how we must brave the banhammer in the quest for comedy gold? Nah, I'm just drunk.

I was never able to beat Vector Sigma, I always had to give the controller to my brother.

"Reddit = Hitler" is the kind of sharp commentary Something Awful forums users like Less Claypool work in every single day. It truly is a land of contrast.

Oh yeah, nut makes a good point, ten bux just gets you in looking like the president, it'll be another 5 for an avvy you'd actually want. And that's every time you fuck up, so...

I honestly can't tell if ghosthorse made this new for this thread or just had it left over from some online historical flight sim or RTS game or something that goons dog-piled until it broke. Neither would surprise me.

I don't know what this refers to either, Sir Lagsalot, but that doesn't prevent it being funny.

Nice one, Chrpno. I'll catch up with y'all at the gas station.

Thank you, Xaintrailles, for reminding us not all cartoon frogs are fascist sympathizers. Yet.

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